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Future Tech: 

Print your own raspberries with the 3D fruit printer


Here’s some raspberries we printed earlier

We’ve seen 3D printed prosthetics and 3D printed houses. We’ve even seen pens that can draw plastic objects out of thin air. Now we can finally say we’ve seen 3D printed fruit, thanks to this submission from Go Explore reader Aaron Sheinbein.

The 3D fruit printer is made by Dovetailed, a design company from Cambridge, UK, which claims its product is aimed at chefs, foodies and anyone interested in making “creative dining experiences.”

Although this model can only print fruits, naturally, our next question is what other food can we print? Before you get too excited, our initial google search unearthed this rather sad looking roast dinner.

How does it work?

Details of the printer’s mechanics are thin on the ground, but Dovetailed claim its magical fruit machine uses a process called spherification. Essentially, this is a technique by which individual liquid droplets with different flavors can be combined into familiar fruit shapes, likely combining fruit puree or juice with other tasty sounding substances like sodium alginate and cold calcium chloride. Yum!


Industrial cuisine? The robotic future of fine dining

The designers claim that the machine can print pre-existing fruits such as apples or pears, or – if you prefer – you can devise your own concoctions like a mad fruit scientist.

“Our 3D fruit printer will open up new possibilities not only to professional chefs but also to our home kitchens – allowing us to enhance and expand our dining experiences,” said Dovetailed founder Vaiva Kalnikaitė.

See the printer in action below, and visit the Dovetailed website to find out more.

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