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Future Tech: 

Puracoat, a spray-on screen protector for your phone

Puracoat copy

We don’t care how slender your fingers are or how deft your touch is, there is no escaping those darned air bubbles when trying to apply a screen protector. It’s possibly one of the most frustrating tasks in the world. You go from having a beautiful phone to one that looks likes it’s been stored in a humid cupboard since 1996. At last, though, someone has found the answer to all our woes.

Puracoat is a new indiegogo project that promises one of the most innovative screen protectors that weve ever seen. Air bubbles?! What air bubbles! Puracoat is a fluid. Why didn’t we think of that? Just apply the liquid across the surface of your smartphone, including all touch screens, and voila. Your phone will look as good as new without the hassle of having to carefully apply a plastic screen protector.

Puracoat is even water-resistant and repels dust and staining. The liquid is stored in bottles which have a life-span of 19 months upon the first opening. The bottles have quite some longevity as well, with one bottle being enough to recoat your phone every three months for a year.

And how’s this for solid support? Puracoat originally asked for the modest sum of $500 in order to get this project off the ground. At the time of writing, the company has received a whopping $50,896 in financial backing. The message is clear – Puracoat, please save us.

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