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Future Tech: 

Shoot fireballs from your wrist with wearable Pyro wristband


“This is not a toy. This is a ‘badass’ professional device that allows you to launch fireballs from your open palm.”

Wearable tech is great and everything, but so far it’s mostly been fixated on boring stuff like fitness tracking or finding things that you’ve lost. Those things are all well and good, but how about a wristband that shoots actual balls of fire out of your open palms?

PYRO fireshooter claims to do exactly that. The wrist-worn device is being sold through magic site ellusionist, but is hopefully modelled more on Pyro the flame-throwing mutant from X-Men rather than, say, Gob from Arrested Development.

The product is being promoted as a “James Bond-style device”, and the trailer to support it is suitably explosive. For no particular reason, creator Adam Wilber can be seen wandering around the desert, sitting on a chair surrounded by sparklers and observing passing sports cars. Watch it in all its glory below;

Never mind the trailer, does it work?!

That rather depends on your expectations. Yes, Pyro will successfully shoot fire from your wrists on command, but the product test videos (without all the effects and fancy cameras) aren’t as spectacular as the trailer. Somehow flicking tiny fireballs around your living room isn’t as quite glamorous as causing destruction in the desert surrounded by expensive super cars. But still, fireballs! From your wrists!

Despite the website claiming Pyro is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ wearable based on 2 years research, one Redditor noted the technology is nothing new in the magic industry. User Bmore Cooler wrote: “This is what we call in the business a ‘Flash Gun’. It ignites flash cotton that then propels a little wad of flash paper giving you the effect of a shooting fireball. The bigger the wad of paper the bigger the fireball. Too big of a wad and it won’t ignite. Too small and it won’t propel.”

Pyro costs $174 for the privilege, and is currently out of stock due to high demand. For more on the wearable fireshooter, visit the product’s page on Ellusionist.

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