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Rico uses your old phone to make your home smarter

Think again before throwing your old smartphone away

Think again before throwing your old smartphone away

What if we told you that you can transform your spare, used smartphone into a smart-home security device?

Meet Rico by MindHelix, a new smart gizmo that aims to give new life to those outdated devices lying dormant in our sock drawers, utilising them in ways you could have never imagined. By linking your spare phone to Rico, you immediately create a platform that controls some of the most basic functions of your house.

Rico turns your phone into a data centre, providing you with information such as temperature and humidity. Furthermore, it acts as a noise and motion sensor, streaming live video directly from your home. Using Rico’s smart sockets and accessories you can also have control over your air-conditioner, refrigerator or table lamp.

According to the creators, “For the average consumer, the shelf-life of a smartphone is 24 months. According to IDC, of over 280 million smartphones that were sold last year, many will be replaced without being recycled. These phones are toxic to the environment, polluting the air and contaminating soil and water with metals and plastics. What’s worse is that over 90% of these will be in perfect working order.”

Even if you don’t own a smartphone that could work with Rico, the device can still function without one. Adding a smartphone will simply give you further options and features.

In an interview with Gizmag, CEO Kallidil Kalidasan said: “The smartphone has an incredibly powerful processor that we can use to do really cool things in the near future like image processing, voice recognition and voice commands.”

Part of a Kickstarter campaign, Rico has already managed to snatch almost a third of its $30,000 goal with still 23 days to go. If you are interested in investing then 1 Rico will set you back $100, with shipping being estimated in Nov 2015.

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