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Ridiculously simple ways to protect your iPhone

We’re always on the lookout for the techiest accessories to protect our beloved smartphones, but there’s something to be said for these staggeringly simple solutions…

1. Rhino Shield

rhino shield body

If you live an active life, or if you’re just very clumsy with a hammer, you need Rhino Shield in your life. This screen protector can absorb five times more impact energy than is normal of that kind of thing, despite being only 0.29mm thin. It’s also scratch-resistance, should you place your phone in your pocket with a big bunch of keys. Oleophobic coating keeps it free from oily fingerprints. It’s yours for only $25.

2. Kenu Highline

Kenu body

This $35 bit of kit is basically a leash attached to a protective case for your iPhone, bringing you peace of mind when fiddling with it while, say, climbing up a mountain, or jumping from alligator to alligator across a swamp. Accidentally drop your phone and it’ll just bungee right back to you. Just plug one end into the charging point, where it’s held in place by a thin, clear polycarbonate case, and fasten the Kevlar attachment at the other end to your belt loop or jacket.

3. Grippy Pad

Grippy Pad2 Body

This genius gravity-defying pad is perhaps the simplest dock in existence. Using no magnets, Velcro strips or adhesives whatsoever, the advanced silicone material grips your iPhone for dear life. Just slap it on the dashboard and place your phone (or even your iPad) on top. When the stickiness begins to wear off, just wipe it with a damp towel and it’ll be as good as new. You can pick one up from Firebox for just $12.

  • Ed King

    Any phone, any case.. leave it with me for a few months and I’ll break it

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