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ROAM Ropes are the new headphones from the man behind Beats

They look really good! But $300 make you think twice.

Well, they look very nice! But they also cost $300

Back in May, Hollywood Reporter investigated a falling-out between Beats co-founder Steven Lamar and prominent figures of the brand Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. The disagreement over royalties seems to have a new chapter since Lamar is attempting a comeback by launching a new headphone set to compete with the famous Beats brand.

Still in the making, the ROAM Ropes ‘in-ear’ headphones come at a time where the headphone industry is booming. As Lamar explained in an interview with Mashable, his product features “noise equalization” technology that will significantly enhance the user experience. The earbuds only weigh 20 grams and can last up to six hours.

Commenting on the choice of designing ‘in-ear’ instead of over the ear headphones Lamar was adamant that the ‘in-ear’ trend is on the rise.

“I think over the ear is done. I think the next round of evolution needs to be an earbud because over-the-ear headphones are not practical for everyday use,” he said in his Mashable interview.


Could Roam kick-off a new in-ear revolution?

Lamar’s view doesn’t necessarily measure up with the evidence – since Beats most successful product has been the over ear headphone set. Only time can tell if Lamar will be proven right, but for the time being he thinks that his new product is worth every penny of the $300 price tag he puts on it.

“We’re marrying fashion and design in a wearable with great sound quality,” Lamar explained, adding that the headphone will be accompanied by an app that will enable them to personalize the experience.

Intrigued by Roam? Then you can sign up for updates or pre-orders pair here. Also take a look at our poll to the right and let us know if you like over head or in ear headphones best!

Photos: Roam/Mashable

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