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RoboCop suit was made with a 3D printer

So, you still need convincing that we’re approaching a golden age of 3D printing? How about the fact that you can now literally print your own Robocop suit? We rest our case.

3D printer manufacturer Stratasys, the company behind blood recycling machine and the world’s first color multi-material 3D printer, revealed that their Objet Connex 3D printer was used to produce parts of RoboCop’s suit in the latest movie.


Warning! Blank ink cartridge is running low

The iconic visor is one example of a part that was directly printed. Robocop’s helmet with its classic red stripe was printed using Stratasys see-through printing materials.

Lead design engineer of Legacy Effects – a Hollywood special effects company – Jason Lopes, said in a press release that the armor used by RoboCop is probably the best example of how 3D printing can profit the production process.

“First, in terms of the size of RoboCop’s chest piece specifically, only Stratasys’ 3D printing technology would allow us to print something at the actual size; the part virtually fills the entire build-tray,” describes Lopes.

“Second, the same part comprises a blend of smooth areas, as well as other areas that feature an extremely high level of detail, such as the police badge and other logos, which we needed to retain for the molding process. There isn’t a technology currently available beyond that provided by Stratasys that affords us this level of intricate detail, together with the hard surface modelling of the shells all together in one print.”

3D printing has helped the production in more than one way. The prototyping and production processes are faster and parts are now much easier to test before production than ever before.

So, now we’ve printed RoboCop’s suit, which super hero costume is next on your hitlist?

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