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Future Tech: 

At last, a robot vacuum cleaner from Dyson

Welcome the vacuum cleaner of the the present!

Welcome the vacuum cleaner of the future…to the present!

Robotic cleaners have been around for some time now but they are a bit like voice recognition software – they sound better than they work. The Dyson 360 Eye, though, might be the robot vacuum cleaner to change all that forever.

The new vacuum introduced by pioneering company Dyson is able to capture 360-degree views at 30 frames a second through an integrated camera. This enables the machine to not only spot dirt but also be aware of the environment and the elements surrounding it. The 360 Eye uses the camera to triangulate its position in the room so it knows where it is, where it’s been and where it’s yet to clean.

“We’ve been developing for a number of years some of the smallest and most powerful digital motors available, and getting that right has enabled us to give the machine very powerful suction, so it can have a very high performance clean,” Nick Schneider, a design engineer at the company, told the BBC.

According to James Dyson – founder of the iconic brand – the new vacuum cleaner differs from its predecessors and competitors mainly due to its amazing suction power. It maintains speed and direction on all floors and unlike similar products in the market it does not hold back just to save battery power.

The surprises do not stop there since users can remotely schedule a clean via an Android or iOS app that comes with the vacuum.

Prices have not yet been announced to the public, but even if it does fall within budget you’ll have to wait until next year for it to hit the shelves.

Photos: Dyson/The Verge

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