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Future Tech: 

Say goodbye to ‘low battery’, and hello wireless Revocharge


It’s as easy as click-and-twist

A technology firm based in Northern Virginia has designed a battery device that will ensure our smartphones run on more juice than ever before. Revocharge is the (patent-pending) ‘most advanced wireless charging’ smartphone case customised to fit both iPhone and Android devices.

Using conductive charging technology, Revocharge produces a faster and far more efficient syncing and charging process, without the need for any fiddly wires and cords, making your mobile phone, truly mobile!


Look, no wires!

It works by attaching the Revocharge battery to the back of your Revocharge case, boosting your phone with a full charge at optimum speed without ever having to connect to a power socket. You can even sync your phone data using a micro USB built into the case. Your phone will begin to charge the second the battery is snapped onto your Revocharge, or have two Revocharge batteries at the ready so you’ll never be short of juice in an emergency.

As well as using Revocharge on the move, users will be able to connect to a universal mount through the power of magnets, attaching the device to a desk mount, car mount, arm band or belt clip. Using an integrated pin-to-ring magnet, you can be sure that even running at full speed, your phone is as secure as could possibly be.

The device is headed by CEO Cemal Samsilova, the founder of Revocharge, who acknowledges that although this could be one of the most efficient and easy-to-use syncing and charging devices on the market today, the project still requires further funding in order to take off. But if all goes well, we can say goodbye to those pesky wires and have a truly free and mobile experience.

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