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Future Tech: 

Finally, a scooter that you can wear as a belt

This not look neither stylish nor comfortable!

Belts and scooters together at last

Have you ever found yourself in the position of needing a belt that could transform into a scooter? No? Well, in case you do find yourself in such a pickle fear not – because here is the solution.

Part of the Budapest Design Week and the brain child of designer Ádám Török, the collapsible belt-scooter is a a fully functional scooter that wraps seamlessly around your waist. Made from plywood and iron and weighing 1.7kg, this design is a tad heavier than your average belt but ask yourself this: can that lightweight leather belt sprout wheels and carry you home after a night out? Exactly.

Explaining the concept of his project the designer elaborates on the idea: “The most efficient vehicles … are those powered by leg power, whose need for specific pathways is a must in every developing city.”


He continues “There is one thing even more important, and that is storage. A vast range of methods has been developed in recent in years but these will all become obsolete if the vehicle is developed that is entirely portable, even wearable as part of our clothing.”

What the designer doesn’t mention is whether or not his creation will hold up a pair of pants. When you’re looking as good as you inevitably will do with a scooter tied around your waist, though, does it really matter?

Sadly, Török’s belt-scooter is not available to buy just yet, but Dezeen reports he is working on a new prototype for the invention. Watch this space.

Photos: Behance

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