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Future Tech: 

Sense sleep tracker will help you have sweet dreams


This project asked for $100,000 on its Kickstarter campaign two days ago and in 48 hours it has reached a backing of more than $358,000.

The Kickstarter sensation is called sense, describing itself as “A simple system that tracks your sleep behavior, monitors the environment of your bedroom and reinvents the alarm.”

The inventor, Londoner James Proud, skipped college and moved to the Stated as a “Thiel Fellow” – Thiel Fellows are offered a no-strings-attached $100,000 grant to focus on research by venture capitalist Peter Thiel.


Sense is his first major project and it comes in the form of a small elegant ball that measures temperature, light, motion, humidity, sound, and even the particle counts for pollen and dust in the air.

The device comes with a sleep tracker called “Sleep Pill” that clips onto your pillowcase. The tracker registers your sleep patterns by measuring how much you move in your sleep.

In addition to tracking temperature and light and movement, Sense can also detect air particles that might be the reason behind uneasy sleep for people with allergies. Furthermore, a “smart alarm” can wake a person up at the peak of their sleep cycle to achieve maximum satisfaction and rest.

All of the findings and data are of course transferred to a mobile app. With a sleep scoring system out of 10, Sense will breakdown your nightly score according to patterns and disturbances and help you improve your sleep quality.

The magic doesn’t stop there since you can stop your alarm by simply waving your hand over the device.

Proud said that “Doing either hardware and software on their own is pretty complex,” he said. “But to do them together is pretty insane.”

Pre-orders for this impressive gizmo start at $129 and the estimated shipping will be in the last quarter of 2014.

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