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Smart bike teaches kids to ride without training wheels


Sadly, Jyrobike is aimed at kids aged 3-8

Learning to ride a bike is a cherished childhood experience – or at least it would be if we hadn’t fallen off and landed in a prickly bush. Thankfully, then, a British company has developed a smart bike to enhance the next generation’s first ride.

Jyrobike is an auto-balance smart bike without training wheels, aimed to teach kids between 3-8 to ride without extra support. Constructed around gyroscopic technology – the same logic that applies to helicopters and boats – the bike is almost impossible to fall on either side.

The secret in maintaining balance is the Control Hub, an item that can be bought separately and tailored to any 12” or 16” bicycle. There are three balance settings on the Jyrobike, adjusting the force of the flywheel according to the rider’s stability and confidence.

Speaking at the launch, founder and CEO of Jyrobike Robert Bodill said: “The learning phase can be tough, but we all endure, because one of life’s greatest moments is the exact second when a person realises that they just went from ‘can’t ride’ to ‘can ride’. It is nothing less than life inspiring.”

Jyrobike also possesses the exciting potential to offer disabled kids the experience of riding a bike.

“This technology is complimented by what we feel are some really cool features that kids will love, including Mega Sound with three different sounds plus an option for parents to add personalised sounds to the Control Hub and update the software via micro USB.”

Part of a Kickstarter campaign and with already $71,900 of its $100,000 goal, you can get a complete Jyrobike from $249 or just the Control Hub at $129.

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