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Future Tech: 

Soccer kits of the future could look like this

Technology in soccer hasn’t always been at the cutting edge. While other sports have jumped at the chance to introduce cameras and sensors that can aid officials in making the right decisions, soccer has been hesitant to adapt it’s winning formula.

Slowly but surely – this is changing. FIFA boasts that goal line technology has now been installed and trialled in four continents, providing technical support in ‘a number of tournaments’  since its induction in 2012. Breathe a sigh of relief, then, that ‘did it go over?’ controversies may soon be long forgotten.

But why stop there? With the world cup just weeks away, this infographic from Bwin demonstrates what soccer kits of the future may look like – from built-in cameras to live player stats and an offside indicator. Pray to the gods of soccer that these ideas don’t take quite so long to implement.

soccer kits of the future

Infographic courtesy of Bwin.

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