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‘Somebody’ app delivers messages face to face

Walk up to them and scream angrily!

Walk up to them and scream angrily!

Some messages are not meant to be delivered through a text, an email or even a phone line – they have to be conveyed in person. When distance gets in between sender and recipient you might find that the Somebody app by Miranda July is the answer to your problem.

The new app sponsored by Miu Miu creates a more personal way of delivering messages. The app finds people who are located in close proximity of the person you want to text and are willing to act as messengers. The messenger will of course have a picture of the recipient so they can locate them and deliver the message. The composer can choose from a pool of possible candidates to deliver his message verbally. Messengers are rated by fellow users on their trustworthiness of getting the job done so you can choose amongst the best to deliver your message.

When composing a message the app helps the messenger convey your message in the way you intend it by incorporating instructions on facial expressions, tone of voice and emotional state. For example you can specify that you want your message to be whispered in a confident way or scream angrily.

As you might expect, then, this can make for some interesting scenarios. Take a look at the amazing promo video, directed by July, that goes above and beyond to let us into the world created by the app!

The Somebody app works both ways since you can request for one of your messages to be delivered but at the same time you might be asked to deliver a message yourself. If there is no one around to deliver your message then it will be classified as ‘floating.’ When other users feel like good Samaritans they can browse though ‘floating’ messages to deliver them. You will of course be notified when your message is delivered.

So next time you see a complete stranger approaching you do not be afraid. Your other half, friend or mum might just want to say hello!

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