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Future Tech: 

Spire is an activity tracker that knows when you’re stressed

Become the master of your own mind be controlling your breathing!

This clip-on activity tracker will help you take deep breaths

We’re used to reading about activity trackers that count our steps and monitor our health, but a new activity tracker goes the extra mile to ensure our well-being.

Spire is designed for both the body and the mind, measuring heart pressure and breathing patterns to act as a personal life coach for stress and anxiety. Stress triggers brain activity, causing elevated heart rate, muscle tension, and shallow breathing. Paired with a mobile app, Spire will notify you when your breathing and heart rate show signs of stress and suggest ways to calm yourself down.

The device is very small and can be clipped on your clothes without affecting overall style. You can charge your Spire wirelessly by simply dropping it onto the included charging pad.

In an interview with TechCrunch, inventor Neema Moraveji said that he wants to “give people the awareness and control over their state of mind, and breathing is the simplest way to do it because it’s very measurable and actionable while the mind is amorphous.”

As the working day gets longer, it’s easy to lose a sense of time, miss a meal or simply forget to take a deep breath. Apps and wearables like Spire are an efficient way of reminding us to preserve key body functions that can help us regain energy and remain happy and healthy.

Spire’s projected retail price is $149, but you can still get a bargain if you pre-order for $119 with shipping estimated for the end of October.

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