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Sproutling wearable band for babies ends sleepless nights

This device will give you peace of mind

This device will give you peace of mind

And just when you think that the smart wearable market can’t give any more, a new product comes out to keep us intrigued. Sproutling is a new activity tracker intended for babies, though parents are the ones to enjoy its benefits.

The new gizmo is not your average radio transmitter that simply notifies you when your baby wakes up. The band adjusts itself to record a baby’s patterns, adapting to the child’s sleeping routine and heart rate and alerting parents of any anomalies.

The band itself is child-friendly, hewn from safe medical-grade silicone. You’ll get about three days of use from one wireless charge. The accompanying mobile app is used to showcase the data obtained by the device.

The app uses an internal gyroscope and data such as the user’s heart rate, temperature and motion to determine when the baby will wake up, preparing parents for better sleep management. Not only will the device gauge the timing of your child’s awakening, but it goes even further as to tell you if your tyke’s happy or in a grump. Moreover, the app is extremely helpful when it comes to you little one’s general health, notifying parents about changes in the heart rate, skin temperature or even when the baby rolls over.

With Sproutling, parenting becomes a much easier affair since control is handed back to the parents even in those shaky early years of your child’s life.

You’ll have to wait until March 2015 to get hold of one, so prospective parents take note. Pre-order online now for $249, it’ll be $299 when it hits the shelves.

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