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Future Tech: 

Stressed at work? Take a time out in the Orrb pod


Leave office jargon behind and step inside this futuristic ‘chill-out zone’

The office phone is ringing, your smartphone is buzzing with notifications and your inbox is all unread messages and red flags – do you ever feel the need to get away from it all at work? Well, Orrb might be the relaxation pod you’ve been waiting for, aiming to provide a soothing haven for stressed-out workers.

The chill-out bubble is only big enough for one, making it the perfect place to escape from distractions – and your colleagues. Once inside, you can pull the door shut, sit back in the comfy recliner and select a ‘wellness session’ of your choosing from the screen in front of you. Netflix isn’t available, sadly.

The programmed content inside the pod is part of a monthly subscription service, Orrb X, which is updated regularly with new breathing exercises and meditative therapy. After completing the 5, 10 or 15 minute session, the user can either leave the Orrb feeling zen, or stick around for a learning session. Again, these can be selected from the Orrb X service, or uploaded by your place of work.

Air inside the Orrb has been filtered for maximum oxygen, while there’s also noise-cancellation to ensure you’re not interrupted by any nearby ‘thought showers’ or similarly infuriating office jargon.


Inside the Orrb you can select a ‘wellness session’ of your choice. Lucky you.

The concept comes from London-based designer Lee McCormack, who has been working on the project for 10 years and describes the Orrb as a ‘gymnasium for the mind’.

“We asked ourselves, how will the move towards open plan spaces and an always-on culture brought about by the increasing use of technology affect our daily lives?” says McCormack. “We concluded that these changes would bring about a loss in the quality of personal space, the ability to concentrate and focus and a sense of loss of control in our personal environments. In short, stress.”

Each Orrb costs around $9,550 to buy, with an additional $400 a month to subscribe to Orrb X. It’s recommended that a single pod should be shared by no more than 50 employees to guarantee adequate availability.

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