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Teach five-year-old kids to build awesome robots

A Berlin-based company is raising investment for its kits which enable children as young as five to build functioning robots, TechCrunch reports.

TinkerBots Robots

TinkerBots is a modular robotics building set with the aim of encouraging children to learn about electronics through play. The makers originally sought to raise $100,000 over a total of 46 days. As we write, with a month of fundraising left, they’ve raised $185,000.

This is far from the first kit of this ilk, with recent examples including Robotiky and Cubelets, but it’s arguably the simplest approach to building bots yet.

How it works

Tinkerbots body 2

The red power block allows each creation to animate

Comprising a variety of modular blocks, allowing for many different robots to be constructed, TinkerBots is very focused on hardware.

Each robot requires a red power block to animate, which consists of a battery, Bluetooth connectivity, a microcontroller, sensors and an accelerometer. The rest of the robot is made up of kinetic blocks, which move in various ways. No wiring or programming is required for animation, and the blocks simply snap together like Lego. Speaking of Lego, the blocks are compatible with basic Lego and Technic Lego, using a special adaptor block.

When you’ll see it

TinkerBot’s makers are hoping to ship kits to backers in time for the 2014 holiday season, with prices ranging from $159 to $499 depending on what kind of kit you opt for.

Yep, yet another product that will mean our grandchildren are going to be terrifyingly frightening when they grow up.

  • Ed King

    Finally a worthy replacement for mechano

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Forget kids, I'm going to buy this for myself!
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