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Future Tech: 

Tech tats turn your body into a fitness tracker


Looking to track your fitness but don’t want to wear a watch or wristband? No problem, now you can tattoo the technology directly onto your body and live with the constant reminder of your missed workouts.

They’re called Tech Tats, created by Austin, Texas based development studio Chaotic Moon.

Each Tech Tat consists of a circuitboard painted on with electroconductive paint. The circuit connects to an ATiny85 micro controller which stores and receives data, while biosensors are added to record information on heart rate, pulse, body temperature and more.

Watch Chaotic Moon’s video to see how it works:

The agency boasts that its idea “not only serves a great purpose, but can also be really aesthetically fun” – although just how fun a Tech Tat would look after the novelty wears off is probably a matter of taste. Still, one advantage of a fitness tracking tattoo is that you can have it almost anywhere, choosing to make it as discreet or explicit as you like.

As well as fitness tracking, Chaotic Moon claims that its ink might be used as another kind of online payment. Like Apple Pay, for instance, the Tech Tat would securely store your data on a skin mounted micro controller and then send it via NFC when required.

Although just a working prototype for now, the agency says it is in the process of seeking a partner to help bring its technology to market. Put us down for a Tech Tat in the shape of an anchor, then.

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