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Coolest travel cooler lives up to its name

coolest cooler

The humble travel cooler is a timeless picnic essential that does one job flawlessly – at least, until now.

Introducing Coolest, a Kickstarter project set to redefine what we know as the travel cooler, packing not just your picnic but your music, a blender and more – it’ll even charge your phone.

Having suffered a failed Kickstarter attempt last year, its creators are back with a leaner, meaner version, helping it to raise $4,000,000 so far despite its modest $50,000 target. What’s more, there are still 46 days left for the donations to pile up even higher.

So, what does it do?

For starters, Coolest has waterproof LED lights, a fixed stash for disposable plates, a set bottle-opener and a divider for keeping water out of the storage compartment.

So far, so standard. The tech, though, is anything but, including USB ports for charging phones and cameras and a removable waterproof speaker that connects via Bluetooth – perfect for keeping any outdoor party alive. To top all it off, how about an ice cold smoothie or cocktail? Coolest has a practical blender built into the top for preparing the kind of beverages that will make you an instant hero amongst friends.

All of this comes at a price, and the Coolest will set you back $185 if you pre-order. For more information and to view the full list of stretch goals, visit the project’s Kickstarter now.

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