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Future Tech: 

Earin, The Worlds Smallest Wireless Earbuds

Earin is a new set of truly wireless earbuds which designers says are the world’s smallest.

Unlike other ‘wireless’ alternatives in which the two buds are connected by a cable, Earin uses Bluetooth to transmit audio to your ears – using small rechargeable batteries to eliminate the wires.

Smart and sleek these earbuds are all we've been waiting for!

Smart and sleek earbuds will charge in your pocket

The inspiration behind this work-in-progress design comes from the movie ‘Definitely Maybe’, in which actor Ryan Reynolds walks down a crowded New York city street with a pair of small earbuds without cables. After seeing the movie, Earin founder and engineer Olle Lindén was motivated to “create a perfect wireless experience”.

The batteries last about three hours but they compensate by providing a solid portable case with incorporated battery, which allows you to charge them in your pocket.

The earbuds fit right into your ear, fulfilling promises of amazing sound quality in the smallest form possible. All components are built into each earbud making it look like a small capsule.

Earin earbuds are designed by ex-Sony Ericsson and Nokia engineers and are currently part of a Kickstarter campaign. They’ve already surpassed expectations, securing over £313,000 of their £179,000 initial target.

All going as planned, a £99 input will get you a pair sometime in January 2015.

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