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5 things you need to know about Windows 10

Windows 10 top 5 features

September is like Christmas time for the tech enthusiasts – it commenced with the unveiling of the long awaited iPhone 6, continued with the release of iOS 8 and comes to a close with the introduction of the new Windows 10.

After skipping Windows 9 for unknown reasons (although some interesting theories are doing the rounds), the new generation of Windows is here to restore some of its lost glory and fanbase. Do you have reasons to be excited? Let’s take a look at the things we need to know about the new Windows 10.

1. Menu

After criticism of its last attempt to reinvent the Start Menu, Microsoft has tried to unify the old and the new. The result is a more aesthetically pleasing menu and toolbar that features customizable tiles that look like widgets. The new menu combines the best of previous versions and the vision of where Microsoft wants to go, showing a willingness to implement customer feedback at the core of their design.

2. Multiple desktops

Another dominant feature of the new Windows 10 is multitasking. The Task view option on the Task Bar shows you all the apps that are currently operating as well as virtual desktops at the bottom. It makes it easy to switch between desktops and apps without having to minimize and maximize windows.

3. Continuum

Continuum is Microsoft’s attempt to stand out and give people something different. Using this new feature on Windows 10, users can switch between desktop and tablet mode, enjoying the ease of touch in operating their devices. Continuum can detect the absence of a connected keyboard and will therefore transform and resize the Start Menu to a full size image that can be used using touch and vice versa.

4. One product family. One platform. One store

Windows 10 introduces the idea of a unified operating system that merges apps and applications between phone, tablet and PC. Microsoft gives users the chance to purchase all their apps from one place and guarantees they will be functional on all their devices. Older apps will also work with Windows 10. More details will be announced in due time.

5. Universal Search

Much like the Spotlight feature on iOS devices, the Universal Search function will allow users to search for files on their computer but at the same time for information on the Internet. This feature comes in collaboration with Microsoft’s search engine Bing.

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