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Future Tech: 

Stuck in a boring conversation? This is your out


‘This Is Your Out’ is an app promising to bail you out of boring meetings and conversations you wish you could avoid.

The app is coupled with a physical button that, when pushed, will call you back on your phone giving you a valid excuse to get you out of a tight squeeze. Ivan Lukianchuk, the founder of TIYO, is trying to raise $100,000 via an Indiegogo campaign to fund his project.

Lukianchuk credits his wife for the idea after she protested about not being able to get work done because of a talkative colleague.

“People like to focus on the dating aspect of it … but it’s really made for difficult situations. There’s certain people you just can’t tell to screw off,” he said. “Say you have a co-worker, you really can’t stand them, but you have to be nice because you see them every day and they’re best friends with your boss … You either have to grin and bear it or find a way out.”

When the button is pushed, a call comes in equipped with instructions for the user to repeat a prescribed script. One example is a babysitter calling to report that a child is unwell. The user has to simply follow the script and people around you can watch as you convincingly play out the fake scenario on your phone.

The device costs $35 for the button and includes 25 different scripted calls. More calls can be purchased in packages of 25 calls for $5. The app works with any smartphone and if all goes well, the first shipment will arrive in February, according to Lukianchuk.

If you like to see the idea materialise chip in to help it reach its goal.

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