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Three alternative Bitcoins you won’t believe are real

Bitcoin’s meteoric rise and subsequent struggles may have taken us all by surprise, but the virtual currency is only the recognisable face of a growing phenomenon – and things quickly get weirder when you glance at the alternatives.

 Recently cryoptocurrency has taken a turn for the silly 
If you already thought that trading Bitcoins felt less like a real currency, and more like a flawed high–concept blockbuster starring Tom Cruise, then some of its competitors may well blow your mind. You see, recently cryptocurrency has taken a turn for the silly.

Alternative Bitcoins are nothing new, but up until recently they had been named semi-sensible things like ‘Litecoin’, ‘Peercoin’ and the Nintendo-esque ‘Megacoin’. That all changed in recent months, though, and here are three of the most bizarre (but genuine!) examples to enter the market.

dogecoin-top3-bitcoin-alternatives-goexplore1. Dogecoin

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Doge, last year’s inescapable and adorable ‘Meme of the Year’, has cropped up in all sorts of unexpected places online –­ but Dogecoin represents a whole new level of Internet surrealism. It may seem like a joke – and yes, it probably is one – but it’s a multi-million dollar joke that has captured the public’s imagination and continues to rise in value. Wow. Such coin. Very currency.

coinye-top3-bitcoin-alternatives-goexplore2. Coinye

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At what point does a pun become so good that it becomes a good business idea too? Coinye-makers were hoping to spread enough goodwill off the back of this Kanye West joke to make their fortune. Unfortunately they first had to get past West himself – or more specifically, his legal team – who moved quickly to shut down the new venture upon its launch in January.

hobo-nickels-top3-bitcoin-alternatives-goexplore3. Hobo Nickels

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Another crypto-coin that might seem worthless at first glance is the HoboNickel – but this gothic pocket change is in fact legitimate. The term HoboNickel refers to a historical past time that involved carving nickels into works of art, beginning in the 1700s but practiced up until the modern day. The online cryptocurrency claims to be the first coin of its type to use multi-wallet functionality.

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Kanye West is a genius. He deserves his own currency.
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