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Tinder for X: Why swiping is the new scrolling


The first rule of Rumblr is: you do not talk about Rumblr. The second rule of Rumblr is: you do not talk about Rumblr.

How easy Tyler Durden’s life would have been if Rumblr – the swipe-style app that lets users arrange fights in their local area – had only been real.

Still, hoax or not, it does highlight one thing: Tinder’s meteoric rise to app stardom. Thanks to the handy swipe function, dating has never been easier, and, like all good ideas, others now want a piece of the action. Here are a few apps that have jumped on the band wagon to great effect. Swipe right when you’re ready.

The best ‘Tinder for X’ apps:

1. The Best Song – Tinder for new tunes

Record collecting hipsters look away now; you aren’t going to like this. It’s an app that helps you find new music without spending hours in a record store.

For the rest of us mere mortals though, who don’t have the time, money or patience to sift through endless stacks of vinyl, The Best Song is a quick and easy way to find your next jam.

The app streams samples of tunes from a chosen genre and you can swipe through until you find something you like the sound of. When you do, well, you go out and buy the record, of course.

Discover your new favorite song with iOS or Android.

2. HomeSwipe – Tinder for house hunting


Nobody likes house hunting, except people with actual money. Somehow though, HomeSwipe manages to make it at least a little fun for those of us without a swollen trust fund.

Pokey box room for $3,000 dollars? Left. Dank horror-film style basement apartment? Definitely left. Perhaps it’s just the satisfaction of rejecting so many overpriced apartments that makes HomeSwipe so addictive.

At the moment, you can only use this app in New York City, but who knows? Maybe it will take off in other cities too.

Find your new pad with iOS or Android.

3. WantList – Tinder for new threads


It didn’t take long for the fashion world to jump all over Tinder’s swipe idea and, quite frankly, we’re glad they did; it’s damn useful.

At the forefront of swipe shopping, London fashion website Styloko, have devised WantList: an incredibly easy way to find your next outfit. The app allows you to search, find, favorite and buy everything from a pair of shoes to a new dress, all at the swipe of a thumb.

Even the most dedicated shopaholic would find the size of WantList’s epic stockpile of clothing daunting. Millions upon millions of items are yours to sift through – it’s like a thrift store without the unpleasant odor.

Pick out your new threads on iOS and Apple Watch.

4. Jobr – Tinder for finding a new job


Job-hunting is hard; we all know that. It takes time, effort, and the will to get dressed when Fallout 4 is tempting you back in. So why not just leave it all up to the swipe of a thumb? That’s how you met your partner, after all.

Jobr allows you to do just that. You can trawl through endless job ads until you finally find the elusive “dream job”. Or at least a “normal job” that pays the rent.

Just upload your resume, connect with a mass of recruiters and off you go.

Find your new job with either iOS or Android.

5. Nibbly – Tinder for chowing down


Your friends are all starving, but no one can make a decision on a restaurant; we’ve all been in trapped in that infuriating paradox at one point in our lives.

Nibbly takes the decision out of your hands and puts the power somewhere safe: your thumbs. Based on your location and preferences, you can find the perfect place to eat in minutes while checking the menu and other user’s reviews.

With an astounding database of over 30 million restaurants worldwide, you’ll never go hungry through indecision again.

Fill your stomach through iOS.

6. BarkBuddy – Tinder for dogs


No, this isn’t some bizarre canine dating app; it’s something far more useful than that. You can use BarkBuddy to scour your local area for adoptable pooches. It gives you their name, breed and, of course, a cute little picture to help you narrow down your search.

BarkBuddy works just like Tinder in that you swipe through until you find a Fido that fits the bill: advanced settings let you zero in on your future pet’s age, size and activity level, too. Just remember: a dog’s not just for Christmas.

This free feline friend finder is available on iOS or Android.

7. Weave – Tinder for professionals


If you’re the type of person who just can’t leave work at the office then this is the swipe app for you.

Weave hooks up with your LinkedIn profile and allows you to connect with professionals who might be right for your business. Simply swipe away until you find someone’s credentials you like and then set up a meeting using the chat function.

This handy app puts you in touch with people nearby, whether you’re after a potential investor for your business or a designer for your website.

Network on iOS and Android.

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