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This tiny cardboard pill keeps your smartphone battery healthy


Cardboard battery ‘pills’ are available in three different sizes

Getting your smartphone through an entire day without having to dash to the nearest plug socket is no mean feat. You’ve followed our advice on how to extend your battery life, you’ve closed or deleted all the apps that are sucking up your juice – but still your device seems to be perpetually on its last legs. The antidote? A tiny cardboard pill.

Mini Power is a miniature, biodegradable battery that plugs into your smartphone to give it a new lease of life. Available in three sizes (offering 2, 4 or 6 hours of additional life), the cardboard ‘pills’ can be bought in bulk and simply torn off a perforated sheet when they need to be used. Disposable batteries are nothing new in and of themselves, of course, but Designer Tsung Chih-Hsien recently won a Red Dot Award for Mini Power’s innovative, environmentally friendly design.


The antidote to your smartphone battery woes

Despite the seemingly eco-friendly cardboard design, commenters have been right to point out that the tiny battery inside each capsule would still need to be disposed of responsibly. Tsung says that these could be simply recycled at the point of purchase but, realistically, this does put a dent in Mini Power’s green credentials.

Still, as disposable batteries go, this is at least an improvement. Rechargeable battery packs are still number one, but you could do a lot worse than Mini Power next time you need to get your phone out of a tight spot.

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