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Essential World Cup Apps

world cup apps

Keep tabs on Neymar, Messi and the rest with these must-have World Cup apps

You’ve noted down your team’s fixtures, stocked the fridge with ice cold beer and your Panini sticker album is well on the way to completion. So, what’s left to prepare before this year’s World Cup kicks off in Brazil on June 12? How about some apps?

You’ll need to know more than the score and a few player names to keep on top of this month-long soccer extravaganza, so get ahead of the game with these three essential world cup apps.

1. Official FIFA

Official FIFA app

FIFA declares that its official mobile app is all you need for Brazil 2014. The app includes a comprehensive data pool for coaches and players across the 32 participating teams, the full schedule of the tournament and all the latest news from Brazil as it happens. FIFA also aims to update the app during matches by introducing a ‘minute-by-minute’ live action segment.

Download Official FIFA for iOS and Android.

2. Dream Team Fantasy

dream team fantasyIf you had fun playing the original version of The Sun’s Dream Team during this year’s Premier League season then have a crack at the World Cup edition. If not, the rules are quite simple – you’re given a £50m budget to select a wonder team made from the world’s finest players. Choose as wisely as you can, then cross your fingers and hope for the best.

With this app, games become more interesting to watch and the workplace becomes a more fun place to return to after each match – providing the results turned out in your favor, of course.

Download Dream Team Fantasy for iOS and Android.

3. Travel Portuguese: Futebol Edition

rosetta-portugueseThe latest version of Rosetta Stone’s popular Travel series, the ‘Futebol’ app, sets its sights on Brazil for this year’s World Cup. The app offers football fans and holiday goers on-the-spot help with Portuguese, the official language of the tournament’s host country. Lessons are tailored intentionally to football, involving key vocabulary and phrases in an attempt to help you shock friends back home with your language skills or engage in football conversations with locals in Brazil.

In addition to football language lessons, the app includes a language syllabus developed around the various Brazilian cities hosting games to help visitors navigate their way. The app also features guides on public transportation, restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions in the various Brazilian cities, creating an across-the-board app for the user.

Download Travel Portuguese: Futebol Edition for iOS and Android.

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