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Top 5 keyboards you can download for iOS 8


GIFs made easy with PopKey

Christmas might still be a few months away but today will see a lot of people unwrapping boxes with a childish demeanour. What’s in the box? The new iPhone 6 is finally here in ‘flesh.’

The new phone not only brings a bigger and better screen but it’s also the first phone to come pre-loaded with iOS 8. The new software bears gifts such as the ability to recover deleted photos, time-lapse videos and a Shazam-like song identification via Siri.

One of the most dominant features of the new iOS 8 software, though, is the option to install third-party keyboards. Our list will takes you through the coolest options for keyboards that will be lighting up your e-mails and messages in the very near future.

1. Swype

First up is an option that Android owners will be no stranger to, having been tried and tested on Google’s platform for quite some time. Swype gives users the opportunity to swipe over letters instead of individually pressing them in order to form sentences. Additionally, the iOS 8 compatible keyboard features a predictive word function that can make life easier and typing even faster. Already a firm favourite with Androiders, we see no reason why it won’t be an instant hit on iOS 8.

2. Emojiyo

There’s more to Apple’s embracing of third-party keyboards than faster typing, though – the door to emojis just became a whole lot wider. Introducing Emojiyo, which adds 250 new emojis to the existing list and lets you arrange them according to preferences, save combinations and search by typing the corresponding words. Take a look at the video below and, if you are as impressed as we are, keep an eye on it since it will be soon available in the Apple store.

3. PopKey

While we’re talking more creative keyboards, how about some GIFs? PopKey groups trending GIFs that are searchable by keywords, helping you make conversations more fun and interactive without having to scout the web to track the best animations. For those of you that want to impress your friends sign up to the website and be notified when it comes out!

4. Minuum

Minuum is a keyboard that rearranges the classic look of your keyboard by putting all letters in a line. Its very strong autocorrect function will predict what you are trying to type by coming up with multiple suggestions of appropriate text. When typing you don’t have to look at the keyboard since touching letters in the vicinity of your intended word is enough for Minuum to form your sentences. Is it worth messing with what you’ve been used to for so long? Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments below.

5. TextExpander

Finally, TextExpander for iOS 8 allows users to save their most commonly used snippets of conversation and recreate them in new conversations by just using abbreviations. The keyboard also features suggestions of matching abbreviations via keyboard shortcuts to make typing even easier. TextExpander can by synced with Dropbox and also works perfectly with Twitter, Mail, Messages and Safari for more efficient communication.

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