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Once you’re dead in this video game, you stay dead


Continue? Sorry, that’s not an option.

In most video games, death is not something you need to worry about. Whether your character drowns, falls down a hole or gets bludgeoned to death by a robot with giant fists, it’ll probably be little more than a minor inconvenience. But then, most games aren’t like Upsilon Circuit.

Once you die in this video game, you stay dead. There are no continues, extra lives, respawnings, save points or second chances – you lose, simple as that. Game over.

Upsilon Circuit is still in development, but its creators are pitching it as part action RPG, part gameshow. That’s because only eight players are able to play it any one time while an audience watches from the sidelines – willing them on, or perhaps wiliing for their death. You see, once somebody in the game dies, a member of the audience takes their place.

Audience members aren’t just there to watch, though, they can also influence the game. It’s the audience members who decide how to spend the points and prizes earned by playing contestants, lending a lifeline or even throwing additional obstacles into the game world. In the developers words, the audience becomes “part dungeon master, part strategist, and part judge & jury.”

It’s this dynamic between audience and contestants that could prove most interesting. Rush in like Leeroy Jenkins and you’ll have a short life, but try to hide in the game and it could be even shorter. The audience is waiting for their turn, and they won’t put up with time wasters.

We’ve spoken about games where death matters before, but this one feels especially brutal. Watch some early game footage of Upsilon Circuit below, and if you ever get the chance to play it for yourself – make it count.

For more info on Upsilon Circuit, and to tune in when the show starts, sign up to the newsletter on the game’s website.

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