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This little box brings your old speakers back from the dead

Vamp speaker bluetooth

Vamp gives your old speakers a new lease of life

Just as it’s exciting to buy new speakers (particularly ones that are powered by fire or float like the Death Star), chucking away old stereo equipment feels like throwing a friend on the trash heap – not something we’d generally recommend. Perhaps it’s outdated now, but that thing has seen it all. It knows all your guilty pleasures and has soundtracked times good and bad.

That’s where Vamp comes in – a small box that transforms a vintage speaker into a portable Bluetooth device. By simply sticking the Vamp to your old speaker via a magnetic disk and attaching it with the red and black audio connectors provided, you can salvage your perfectly good stereo equipment and play music wirelessly via your phone, tablet or computer.

London designer Paul Cocksedge developed Vamp last year, securing funding via Kickstarter to the tune of £101,743 (his target was just £35,000). Now, he’s trying to raise awareness for his product via the #saveaspeaker campaign.

The Vamp website notes that around 10,000 old speakers are sent to recycling plants in the UK every month, while many more end up in landfill and incineration plants. Those that don’t make it there are likely clogging up space in your cupboard, attic or basement – dusty and unloved.

As part of its commitment to recycling our old technology, Vamp is offering a free second-hand speaker with every purchase, completely free of charge and without any extra delivery costs. The Vamp itself retails at £49.99 (including shipping), available the Paul Cocksedge shop.

Cocksedge commented: “For me, reusing perfectly good technology makes sense. Hearing the rich sound coming out of these older speakers in a new way is a delight. They are a part of our music history.”

For more information visit the Vamp website, and follow the #Saveaspeaker campaign on Twitter.

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