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Future Tech: 

VR biking turns your workout into a calorie-burning zombie chase


There’s nothing quite like a zombie to scare you into action

For cyclists, environment can make a huge difference.  Sure, the gym has all the equipment and it might be a warmer place to workout during the winter, but all that pedaling begins to get tiring when you’re staring at the same bit of wall.

As it turns out you don’t need to go far or buy a thermal vest for a change of scenery, all you need is Widerun – a VR biking experience that can take your cycle ride anywhere in the world. You can cycle through the French Alps or The Great Wall of China, if you like. Alternatively, if you’re really struggling to get motivated, you can add a few zombies to your route to scare you into action.

Widerun consists of a cycle trainer that turns your road bike into an exercise bike, paired with a VR headset, custom communicator and a steering compass to help bring your chosen virtual road to life. The options include both real-life destinations from around the world, as well as recognizable settings from the likes of Skyrim and Game of Thrones.


No, we don’t remember the bicycle chase from Game of Thrones either

As well as standard VR biking workouts – if such a thing can exist – the rider also has the option to interact and compete with other riders, as well as add games, challenges and leaderboards to keep themselves motivated.

The team of cyclists who designed the product seem to understand the challenges facing the modern cycler, which, in the future, could include the discomfort of wearing a sweaty VR headset. Widerun has thought of that too, teaming up with About Face to keep your headset as fresh and comfortable as possible.

To make VR biking a reality, Widerun has taken to Kickstarter to fund its concept. The team is asking for $30,000 to fund the development, of which they’ve already raised nearly $7,000 at the time of writing. There’s still plenty of time left to pledge, so watch their pitch and see what you think;

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