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Future Tech: 

Virtual reality treadmills – every home will have one


Walk in any direction on this treadmill and you’ll and stay in the center

A necessity for VR gaming 

One of the main obstacles for virtual reality gaming is… obstacles.

If you go walking off into a virtual world it won’t be too many steps until you go walking into a door. This is where the omni-directional VR treadmill Virtuix Omni comes in.

Arriving this September

The device, which allows players to simulate walking in any direction while playing virtual reality games, smashed its Kickstarter target last June – attracting 3,249 backers and $1.1m in funding – and is on track for a September release. The price is $499.

Created by Houston-based Virtuix and designed for use with headsets such as the Oculus Rift (though it works with pretty much any game controller) it allows users to control their direction and speed of movement by walking on the spot. It spent two years in development before appearing on Kickstarter.

How the Omni works

The base of the Omni is a low-friction surface with grooves. Users wear special shoes with pins that fit into the grooves, keeping the foot stabilized and preventing unwanted lateral slide. It comes with a support belt to provide safety and support and will handle up to 285lbs of gamer.

For an extensive collection of game demos using the Omni visit the Virtuix website.


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