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Future Tech: 

Wayfare is the local tour guide in your pocket

Meet the world through they eyes of  a local guide!

Meet the world through they eyes of a local guide!

Following Somebody and Wakie, we are no strangers to applications that match us with people we don’t know. Wayfare, though, might just be the more useful of the lot.

Brought to us by Korean company SK Planet, and designed by Jiho Kang, the app is not billed as a dating platform. Wayfare wants you to explore the world through the eyes of other people from around the world, matching you with strangers from random locations or your desired destination.

Pairing with a local resident will give you the chance to experience the place you always dreamed of visiting through their eyes. You can exchange photos, have chats and talk about anything that interests you. The app gives you a set time of 7 days before disconnecting you with your match so make the most of it.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Kang talked about the matching process stressing that “Unlike other apps that are instant, our app is different in that it actually asks you to wait.” The waiting time comes from differences in time zones but also because the app aims for more meaningful, deeper connections between users.

Connections are more meaningful on this app!

In-app translator to bridge the language barrier

For those of you worrying about language differences fear not because there is an in-app translator to sort any language barriers. When it comes to security the people behind Wayfare are trying to set up a reliable screening process to ensure an enjoyable experience.

As Kang said, “We have a reporting system in place where users that have been flagged three times will automatically be banned by the system. We also review reports from users to actually check what the offending content was.”

If you are intrigued by this new concept, the app is available to download in both iOS and Android.

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