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This website knows where your cat lives

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Breaking news, it’s 2014, and the internet is still awash with cats. In truth, there’s not a lot of use for these felines to be all over the world wide web, but one group has found a way to make some use of the millions of cat pictures posted on the internet.

I Know Where Your Cat Lives is a new website which tells visitors the locations of approximately one million cats based on the metadata embedded with the picture.

What’s the aim? In their own words, “to point out the ease of access to data and photos on the web. We sought to showcase how readily available social media users’ information and snapshots are to the general public.” It’s an interesting experiment that will perhaps open people’s eyes as to the vast amount of information that’s available to the gnereal public that they may not have been aware of.

cat copy

You literally cannot get away from them

For those that don’t want their cat to feature on the website, IKNYCL have advised to tighten their security settings and the picture will be removed within 30 days. By doing so, a user will have likely learned how to change security settings with regards to their cat pictures, thus prompting them to make necessary privacy changes elsewhere.

So it sort of works. Although there must be other ways to tell people to be careful online. But for now, I Know Where Your Cat Lives is playing the role of internet philosopher rather well.

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