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Future Tech: 

Real houses soon be built from lego-style bricks?

Kite Bricks

All that’s missing is a team of yellow construction men

It was only a matter of time until someone cottoned on to the fact that Lego-style bricks were the way forward in the world of construction.

Children from as young as four or five-years-old are able to build houses and ships out of Lego. Now it’s time for those in the construction industry to step up to the plate and use their own lego-style bricks to build houses and buildings far more efficiently.

The company behind this new innovation is called Kite Bricks, and they’ve developed – patent pending – what are known as ‘Smart Bricks’, or S-Bricks for short, made from high-strength concrete.

How do they work?

The bricks come in a number of forms for specific purposes, easily connecting together via rows of knobs across the top of the bricks. What about plumbing issues you ask? One version of the brick comes with a specific groove running through it, allowing steel support bars or pipes to slot through. The bricks stick together using a special adhesive, which works in much the same way as strong double-sided sticky tape.

The bricks can also be delivered to building sites in a kit, along with doors and windows, which will mean far less labour involved in the entire building process.

But why do I want a Lego house?

Gone are the days of tearing down walls, with removable panels allowing for easy access to plumbing and wiring. Kite says that if it constructs the average five-storey building with these smart bricks, it can save approximately 30 per cent in energy compared to traditional construction methods.

Ronnie Zohar is the mind behind Kite Bricks, and despite the comparison to the classic Lego design, this was never his intention, saying, “The focus was always on insulation and strength. The fact that the block have been designed to connect together easily was secondary.”

Zohar wants people in Africa to be able to build with Kite Bricks, giving them a thermally insulated house for the same money that ‘they would have spent on tin’.

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