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Future Tech: designs 3D printer that recycles Coca-Cola bottles

You may know as a global entertainer, producer, entrepreneur or philanthropist. However, never short of a finger to stick into the right pie, the Black Eyed Peas man has found another role as chief creative officer at 3D Systems.

As of yesterday the company announced that it would join forces with Coca-Cola’s Ekocycle programme (guess what, is the co-founder of that too) to create a 3D printer that uses recycled plastic bottles as its main material.


The Ekocycle Cube 3D printer will use filament cartridges that are 25 % recycled plastic – there’s about three 500ml Coke bottles in each one – and can produce objects that are up to 6in square.

Colours initially available will be the ones we see on the classic Coke bottle – red, black, white and transparent. The Cube printer will offer the owners free access to 25 designs for objects including shoes, phone cases, and vases. Need we say that the designs, of course, come from himself?

The Cube will be sold at a retail price of $1,119 and will be available to the public at some point in late 2014. said the aim of the Cube is to decrease waste in a way that stays with people: “We will make it cool to recycle, and we will make it cool to make products using recycled materials. This is the beginning of a more sustainable 3D-printed lifestyle. Waste is only waste if we waste it.”

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