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World’s smartest motorcycle helmet raises $900K in two days

The helmet that lets you see in every direction

The helmet that lets you see in every direction

A motorcyle helmet began fundraising on Indiegogo earlier this week. A couple of days later, having originally aimed to rake in $250,000, the Skully-AR-1 has already reached just under $900,000. It’ll almost certainly be over a cool one million bucks by the end of the day.

So yes, this is no ordinary helmet. Billed as the smartest motorcycle helmet in the world, it features a transparent heads-up display, showing your speed and other stats, and a wide-angle rearview camera in your line of sight as you ride. The angle is 180 degrees, so you see to your sides as well. If it doesn’t suit your riding position, the camera angle can be adjusted using a dedicated smartphone app. It also acts as a GPS device, giving you directions.

Not just any helmet

Not just any helmet

The makers of the Skully promise it will eliminate distractions, remove blind spots and help you focus your attention on the road. They also plan to release an open software development kit to accompany beta units, allowing programmers to design apps that work with the helmet.

Battery life lasts nine hours of continuous use and you can recharge it using any micro-USB cable. All electronics involved are waterproof, hidden inside the lightweight polycarbonate shell. The visor is also anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-glare.

There are four price ranges, from $1,399 to $2,649, which have an estimated delivery of May 2015, while for $25,000 you can put your name down for one of four limited prototype packs which ship in February 2015. Extensive road testing is currently underway, and you can pre-order your AR-1 from

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