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Future Tech: 

Smart wristband knows when you fall asleep and records the TV

Virgin Media wearable technology.Photograph: Rosie Hallam

KipstR wristband was designed by two tech-savvy teens aged 14 and 15

In 2014 wearable gadgets can track your distance, count your steps and even sharpen your tennis game, but if you’re sensible enough to spend the Christmas break slumped in front of the TV with mince pie in hand, then don’t feel left out – there’s now a smart wristband for you as well.

KipstR is a 3D-printed wearable aimed squarely at the sleepy, springing into action the moment you doze off and setting your TV to record. The wristband uses a pulse oximeter to detect your snoozing habits, more commonly used for diagnosing sleep disorders but tweaked so it can pause and record whatever movie or TV show you were watching. In other words, there’s absolutely nothing to stop you from getting through that back-to-back Die Hard marathon.

Virgin Media, who have branded the band, found that nearly one in five (18%) of us are expected to fall asleep on the sofa on Christmas day, and it’s not just tired grandparents and your dad after a few too many glasses of wine either. In fact, the wristband was designed by two tech-savvy teenagers – Ryan Oliver (15) and Jonathan Kingsley (14) – both students at Manchester Creative Studio.


Look familiar? Don’t miss a thing this Christmas with KipstR on your wrist

Neil Illingworth, head of advanced technology and innovation at Virgin Media said: “We have been exploring the possibilities of connected entertainment for some time and are very excited to unveil KipstR. With emerging new technologies, it is possible to create almost anything, such as emotionally intelligent entertainment systems that can suggest shows based on your moods, or even harnessing brainwaves to control your television.”

Virgin Media will be trialling KipstR this Christmas with customers able to register interest in the wristband from December 2014.

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