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Internet heroes: 

Internet Heroes at Comic Con 2014

If you can cast your mind back a couple of weeks – difficult, we know – you may remember we wrote about the five movies to look out for at Comic-Con 2014? Well, with the convention now done and dusted, news, footage and announcements from San Diego have found their way online.

But Comic-Con isn’t just about the blockbuster movies or the giant pizza throwing tanks – it’s about the people. Our ESET partners were down at the convention to talk to some of this year’s attendees, dressed to the nines in full superhero attire. As well as the event itself, we asked the Comic-Con crowd about their internet secrets – their favorite websites, online dependency and how they stay safe on the web.

For those in costume, we also wanted to find out what would be their character’s internet superpower. From troll-blocking vision to an invisibility cloak for social media snooping – find out how they answered in the video above.

– Be sure to check out our exclusive interview with cult writer and comic legend Neil Gaiman, who talks about his upcoming TV project: American Gods.

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