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The guy who ordered every sandwich at McDonalds

The guy who ordered every sandwich at McDonalds

An enormous sandwich calls for an enormous spatula

Recently on Go Explore we wrote about the Alphabet Sandwich – a gargantuan 26-layer monster with an ingredient for every letter. It’s creator Nick Chipman runs the DudeFoods blog, where he dreams up ridiculous meal ideas like this every week – often as much as a physical challenge as they are a tasty treat.

His biggest hit came last year when he ordered the McEverything – a $141 burger consisting of every single sandwich on the McDonalds menu. He’s also the brains behind the Bacon Weave Taco and the Chicken Pot Pie Cone. We spoke to the man himself to find out more…

How did you come up with the idea for DudeFoods?

I would always just make crazy sandwiches and take photos of them to text to my friends or post them on Facebook. I’ve always liked writing so one day I just decided to start a blog. I came up with the name DudeFoods that day and started writing up some blog posts immediately!

Is there a particular creation that you’re most proud of?

I’m coming up with new stuff pretty much every single week that I’m really proud of, but if I had to narrow it down to just one I’d probably pick my Chicken and Waffle Wings – just because it’s such a simple idea that really takes chicken and waffles to the next level.

We have to ask about the McEverything – how did the McDonalds staff react when you ordered it?

I think the main reaction was “Wait, WHY do you want to do this?” I honestly figured that they’d be super annoyed that they had to make so many sandwiches for one person, but they were really cool about it. By the end they were all over there taking pictures of the giant sandwich.

The guy who ordered every sandwich at McDonalds

All hail the McEverything! $141 worth of McDonalds burgers

You also recently created the alphabet sandwich? Did you finish it?

I ended up eating the entire thing over the course of a day or so, but only after I dismantled it. I’m surprised I even managed to get a decent picture of it because it was literally seconds away from toppling over when I did. I probably wouldn’t recommend it. It was a great idea in theory, but in terms of an actual sandwich it wasn’t really too functional at all.

Were there any DudeFoods that didn’t taste as good as you hoped? Or any that surprised you by tasting nicer than you expected?

 I tried to make a taco shell out of lasagna noodles…it was a complete disaster 
I usually go in with pretty low expectations, so there’s nothing that I’ve finished that was just disgusting, but there are definitely things I’ve tried to make that just sort of didn’t work our or turned into a complete disaster. The most recent was when I tried to make a taco shell out of lasagna noodles. The original plan was to fill it with ricotta cheese and ground beef and ground Italian sausage and sauce, but the shell just sort of fell apart the second I was done making it so I never got that far. I’ll probably give it another shot as some point though.

Which ingredient would you most hate to go without?

Probably bacon, because without it about 25% of my ideas would be gone.

Any foods you HATE?

I can’t stand soup, but I don’t think that it’s necessarily the soup itself, I think it’s just the process of eating soup. It takes SO long when you’re sitting there eating one spoonful at a time. If it were socially acceptable to just put the bowl up to your mouth and drink it like you do with the milk at the bottom of a cereal bowl I’d be all over it.

Are there any other food bloggers that inspired you?

I usually check out just about daily for all my food-related news, but aside from that I read a couple local Milwaukee food blogs like Burp and, which isn’t really ever updated anymore.

Finally, what’s your favorite sandwich?

I think my favorite sandwich is probably just scrambled eggs with some cheese and avocado on toast. I love breakfast and could probably live completely off breakfast foods if I had to.

  • For more like this, visit the DudeFoods blog.

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The McEverything doesn't look so big. I could finish it.
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