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Internet heroes: 

Meet Colin Furze, YouTube’s “mad scientist”

Colin Furze, 36, holds several official Guinness World Records – among them, the record for the world’s fastest mobility scooter. He’s also suffered a series of injuries that might well have put others off his unusual hobby.

 I did a jet-powered barbecue. Some people think I am a safety nightmare. 
 “This year, I’ve been messing around with jet engines to various degrees of success – and failure. I did a jet bicycle, then I did a jet-powered barbecue. Some people think I am a safety nightmare – I did have a small error with a gas leak, which took quite a bit of skin off, but never mind.”

Furze is currently working on a “strange amphibious vehicle” – he wouldn’t spill further details – and some form of home heating system. His YouTube stardom is starting to pay off, he says, “Oh and the new Aunt Bessie’s advert with the mobility scooter chase home scene – that was me, too.”

Furze also celebrated fatherhood last year by inventing a pram that hit 50mph – although he admitted, “It doesn’t like going above 35mph,” he says, “After that point, you just have to close your eyes and hope.”

Colin Furze mobility scooter

“After I found out I was going to be a Dad, I wanted to prove it wouldn’t slow me down,” he says. “I decided I was going to build the world’s fastest pram”

“The pram is a bit of a statement.”

“I’ve tested it at airfields – it’s not road legal, as UK law doesn’t cover powered prams.”

“I’ve always been known for crazy contraptions. The kid’s been in it – but only with me pushing it along – he’s never been in when I’ve turned the power on.”

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