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Satiregram is a note-perfect parody of our instagram clichés


Nobody is safe from Satiregram’s post-it parodies

Tired of seeing the same Instagram photos repeated day after day? Yeah, you’re not the only one. Selfies, pictures of food, feet, pets and beer bottles are pretty much an inevitability each time you load up the app – and worst of all, we’re all guilty of it.

Introducing Satiregram, an Instagram account that’s dedicated to poking fun at our everyday clichés. Instead of recreating them, Satiregram simply scrawls them onto a post-it note and whacks on a filter. It’s funny, incisive and the only parody account you’ll ever need. We caught up with the account’s creator, Euzcil Castaneto, to find out more.

How did you come up with the concept for Satiregram? 

I started around Summer 2012. My friends started getting into Instagram at the time I think, and they were wondering when I was going sign-up so that we could follow each other. I looked at what was already on Instagram and it was just already saturated with selfies and pictures of food, landscapes, the sky, cats, pets, etc – you know! I figured that if I joined, I wouldn’t really be contributing anything new to the experience and I’m not that great of a photographer either. A part of me loves to poke fun at everything I see and make a comment about them. So I decided to combine my love for writing with a sense of wit. And that’s where the idea for Satiregram was born.

And how about the idea for the notes? You must go through a lot of post-its…

With Satiregram I was able to take the “old school” pen and paper approach and integrate it into the digital sphere, while at the same time forcing people to take a step back and look at the app experience in a new way. I’m basically holding up a mirror to the typical Instagram user and saying “hey, this is you by the way, but that’s okay!” I make it so I make fun of everyone and not just one type of user. I do go through a lot of post-it notes, but they’re perfect for Instagram because they’re already square-shaped. And I keep almost every post I write!

You’ve now got nearly 72,000 followers. When did you first realize that Satiregram was getting so popular?

When I started to notice articles being written about me. There was a Mashable article that boosted my following to around 5,000 or so, and from there I realized that people really are enjoying my work. I saw the potential for my account to grow even more when people started tagging their friends in my posts.

What’s been your most popular post-it to date?

Honestly, I’m not sure. But my favorite ones that have also recieved a lot of attention usually involve “pictures at the gym” or “here are my nails” or “my new pair of Jordans.”

What kind of feedback have you had to Satiregram?

Mostly positive. It’s suprising to me since I sometimes feel mean when I post something, but overall people aren’t offended! Not that I’m trying to offend people or anything. I get a lot of requests and fanmail to my email, as well as people “regramming” my posts and putting it on their feed. My favorite is when people “call out” their friends by tagging them in my posts.

What’s your most hated Instagram cliché?

I don’t really hate any Instagram clichés! But I’m not too fond of excessive selfies.

Which Instagram accounts do you actually like?

Some of my favorites are;

Cheese curl art – @cheesecurlsofinstagram
The worst pictures of food – @cookingforbae
Leader of the selfie movement – @mrpimpgoodgame 
Sharpie on white paper never looked so good – @thewriting 
Hand-drawn notes for his son – @calebslunchboxnotes 
Interesting things on post-it notes – @postitguy
Sassy hand-drawn cartoons – @tiskyandwhile
Undesired notes – @undesirednotes
Inspirational poetry and writing – @tylerknott

How could Instagram be improved?

I think Instagram at the moment is fine. Although, I wish there was a way to have a “favorites” list.

Finally, do you a regular Instagram account of your own?

Satiregram was supposed to be my “regular Instagram account,” but since it went viral it became hard to keep track of my friends. I had to make a personal account and join the Instagram culture too! I prefer to keep my own account hidden, but for those people who are great at Googling then I’m easy to find.

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