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Life Hacks: 

10 useful Photoshop tricks for beginners

Photoshop is a software that has defined our digital generation. It has changed the way we process pictures allowing users to experiment and push the boundaries of their imagination.

The program is not the easiest to navigate if you’ve never used it before so we’ve taken it upon us to induct you into the Photoshop clan. See our list of 5 simple, useful tricks and unleash your inner Annie Leibovitz.

1. Enhance a photo with the colours of another photo

This is a cool trick to blend the colour palette of one of photo into a photo you want to edit. Simply select Image>Adjustments>Match colour and then play around with the colour intensity and luminosity.


2. Delete tourists from your photos

When on holiday and taking pictures of sights make sure you take more than one. You can then open all images in Photoshop and remove the moving crowd. This can be done by selecting File>Scripts>Statistics and then choosing Median from the drop-down menu. Photoshop will spot and remove the differences from each photo.


3. Miniature effect

This is a very useful way for changing the perspective of a picture and making it look like an authentic miniature photo. Navigate to Filter>Covert for Smart Filters and then go back to select your filtering option. In this case we chose Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur.


4. Change the unit of measurement

To switch units of measurements just navigate your cursor over the rulers (Cmd/Ctrl+R for the rulers to appear/disappear) and right click. The drop down menu will give you the option of centimetres, millimeters and inches.


5. Vibrancy and saturation

If you feel like you need to punch up the colour of one of your pictures this is a simple way to achieve it. Press Cmd/Ctrl+J to duplicate the layer of the photo and then choose the Hard Light option from the drop down menu.


6. Photoshop Filter Gallery

The Photoshop filter gallery is a very easy way to change the effect of a picture by selecting a filter from a ready-made list. This is very similar to the Instagram process used to edit photos. Just follow Filter>Filter Gallery and choose the filter of your liking from the different lists.


7. Shortcuts

No Photoshop user can deem themselves experts if they don’t know the keyboard shortcuts. We know this is a list for beginners but we’ll give you a few to make you look good. Cmd/Ctrl+J lets you duplicate a layer or selection, TAB Hides or shows all panels and tools whereas X Change your foreground and background colours.

8. Change the background

There is an easy way to change the default grey background colour of any picture. Simply enable the Brush tool and then right click on the background. You can choose a different colour from the drop-down menu.


9. Curves

This trick allows you to play with the intensity in the contrast of curves within your picture. Select Image>Adjustments and then click on the Curves option. Navigate to the Preset drop-down menu and choose from the different options available.


10. White teeth

We’ve all seen those Colgate adverts where the teeth of the man in the picture is whiter than white. You can now have a ‘Hollywood’ smile by following Layer>Adjustment Layer>Hue/Saturation sequence and then select the Yellows from the drop-down menu.


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