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Life Hacks: 

10 essential apps for festival survival


Ah summer festivals, the perfect excuse to ditch the bad habits of city living and get back to nature for a long weekend. Cast your smartphone aside, retreat to a forest or field in the middle of nowhere and feel that fresh air in your lungs. Doesn’t it make you feel ALIVE?

Oh wait, there’s free WiFi hotspots and charging stations? In which case, forget everything we just said. Here are 10 apps that you need to survive a weekend away from civilisation.

Tent-Finder1. Tent Finder

It might seem unnecessary when you first arrive on site, but try stumbling back to your campsite in the dark and recognising your tent when they all look EXACTLY the same. Unless you have one of these, of course.

Download for iOS

festival-ready2. Festival Ready

It’s the night before the festival and you’re panicking that you’ve forgotten something. You can do worse than downloading Festival Ready, a catch-all app of handy festival helpers including weather, navigation, tips and tools

Download Festival Ready for iOS or Android

Find-my-friends3. Find My Friends

You arrived at the festival with such expectations, and within a few hours found yourself sitting alone next to a smelly porter loo. Keep your friends close (and your enemies well away from you) with Find My Friends.

Download for iOS

battery-doctor4. Battery Doctor

For everything that we love about modern smartphones, that battery just won’t last like your old Nokia 3310. Keep on top of it with Battery Doctor, and ensure those energy-draining apps are closed when not in use.

Download for iOS or Android

drinks-tracker5. Change4Life drinks tracker

Festivals are the one place on earth you can start your day with a beer and not attract concerned looks from the neighbours. We’re not going to stop you, but do download Change4Life’s drinks tracker and try and stay on top of it.

Download for iOS or Android

water-in6. WaterIn

As well as keeping your alcohol intake under control, it’s important to keep hydrated during long summer days. WaterIn is a simple app, but its gentle reminders to drink more water could be invaluable on a hot day.

Download for iOS or Android

red-cross7. Red Cross First Aid

We hope you don’t need this one, we really do. But accidents happen at festivals so it’s good to prepare for the worst. Red Cross First Aid is on hand to offer step-by-step instructions to keep you safe in an emergency.

Download for iOS or Android

spotify8. Spotify

Just because the bands finish at 11pm, it doesn’t mean that the music has to. Fire up Spotify back at your campsite and pick from over 20 million songs to keep the party going.

Download for iOS, Android or Windows

Photaf Panorama9. Photaf Panorama

Bring another dimension to your festival photos with Photaf Panorama. Sometimes a basic photograph doesn’t really do the experience justice, but this app’s stunning 360 degree shots will help keep your memories alive.

Download for Android

Yahoo! Weather10. Yahoo! Weather

It’s Sunday afternoon, you’re still hungover and one of your favourite bands has just pulled out – well, at least it’s not raining? Better check Yahoo! Weather, because if that storm is heading your way it may be time to start looking up train times.

Download iOS or Android

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