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Life Hacks: 

Unlock the secrets of iOS 7

iOS 7 secrets

Think you know your iOS 7 device? Try these tricks and tips

You might think that you know your iPhone or iPad like the back of your own hand – after all, you probably use it every day and what iOS 7 secrets could possibly be hiding behind its limited buttons and ports.

 Those crafty Apple Geniuses are never without a trick or two up their sleeves 
However, those crafty Apple Geniuses are never without a trick or two up their sleeves, and there are plenty of hidden shortcuts to make your life easier. Of course there are also lots of well-known apps out there for enhancing productivity – many of them great – but did you know these five simple tricks were built into the device itself?

1. Use Airplane Mode for speedy charging

You’re leaving the house imminently and you glance at your phone to find your battery is running on empty – disaster? It doesn’t have to be. Switch your phone into Airplane Mode and your phone will charge twice as fast, giving it a much-needed adrenaline shot to get you through the day.

2. Use Siri to take naps

Siri is full of useful commands to save you fumbling through your phone’s settings screens, but we particularly like this one for taking that oh-so-vital nap. Just tell Siri how long you want to sleep for and your iPhone will set the necessary alarms – like the obedient robot assistant you always dreamed of.

3. Read Google Maps offline

Not strictly an iOS 7 tip but making use of Google Maps’ cache can be a life-safer – especially when traveling abroad. Navigate to the part of the map you’ll need while you still have Internet access and type “ok maps” into the search bar to save it for later – you’ll be roaming the streets like a local in no time at all.


Remember “Ok maps” and never get lost again


4. Make the most of your earbud’s remote

The remote on your Apple earbuds makes adjusting the volume a piece of cake, but did you know that you can flip between tracks and even take selfies? To change between songs tap the middle button twice to skip, or three times to go back. For those that can’t resist a good selfie, just use the + button while in camera or video mode to begin shooting.

5. Fill your iPad dock

Lastly, a simple iPad tip, but you’ll be surprised how many people restrict themselves to just four apps in their dock. Unlike the iPhone, the bottom row on iPad can in fact hold six icons for quick access, including folders too – so all your favorite apps are never more than two taps away.

  • Ed King

    Love little tips like this.. Headphone selfies here I come!

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