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Life Hacks: 

How to Fix scratches on your precious iPhone screen

"Don't end up like me"

“Don’t end up like me”

We’ve all have that out of body experience when our new touchscreen phone slips from our hand, time slows down and we desperately watch the fall, incapable of stopping the unavoidable crash. A scratched screen is the nightmare of every mobile phone user and our list aims to provide you with easy and fast ways of fixing the problem. Take a look!

1. Toothpaste

This is an easy and quick fix for minor scratches on the screen. Put toothpaste on a cloth and rub the screen in a circular motion, making sure you do not remove any surface coating with hasty movements. After you are done, wipe the screen clean with a fresh cloth. Try to avoid gel-based toothpastes and no, Listerine liquid can’t be used as an alternative.

2. Klearscreen iKlear Apple Kit

This product sells itself since you can buy it from the Apple store and is what the Genius Bar uses to clean our screens on our visits. The product is also available from Amazon and it can also be applies to other devices. It takes minimal effort and the results are impressive.

3. iDrops

This is another product that ranks amongst the top scratch removers. It comes in the form of a small bottle that is very similar to eye drops. According to the product’s official website, ‘using a clean, dry, soft, cotton cloth, buff with light to moderate pressure, moving in a small circular motion across the scratch(es) for ten to fifteen seconds.’

Medicine for iPhones

Medicine for iPhones

4. Turtle Wax

Using Turtle Wax is another DIY remedy for your scratched display. If you do use wax, be careful of cleaning around the scratch so that the wax remainder does not affect use. You can use a plastic polish to speed up the cleaning process. The appliance should be meticulous and not hasty, focusing on the scratched area and not the entire screen.

5. Replace screen

This might be the worst case scenario but you better be prepared than sorry. This solution might sound expensive and quite technical but it’s the safest way to deal with scratches without making the screen worst. This article by Gadget Review includes a guide and a video on how to change your iPhone screen, making the process easier than you think.

Or prevent having to do all of the above by following our handy guide to the five most amazing iPhone screen protectors.


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