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Win Premier League Fantasy Soccer 2014/15

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May 11, 2014…

…Since that date, Fantasy Soccer addicts have been holding their breath (not literally) in anticipation of August 16. That date, of course, marks the opening day of the 2014/15 Barclays Premier League season, arguably the most exciting domestic soccer league in the world. Soccer fans can count themselves lucky this year, with the World Cup in Brazil providing a temporary fix to help fill the void between those long three months. When you think about it, three months shouldn’t feel all that long, but it’s felt like a lifetime. The wait, however, does provide the perfect opportunity to get those scouting glasses on and study the soccer events of the summer.


Winners and Losers


With the departure of Suarez, all eyes are focused on Sturridge

Keep an eye on the real-world Premier League transfer market for two key reasons. Player movements create both winners and losers, any of whom may have been on your radar and may need rethinking.

For example; With the signing of one striker, follows the potential woes of another, and vice versa. For example, now that Luis Suarez has packed his bags for sunny Catalonia, Daniel Sturridge is the primary focus up front now, with new signing Ricky Lambert featuring as a veteran backup.

Likewise, the signing of Bafetimbi Gomis (see video below) for Swansea City may decrease the productivity of last year’s prolific point scorer Wilfried Bony. By keeping an eye on the market you can judge whether or not a player’s value has gone up or down.

Certain transfers can also result in losers. With the arrival of Cesc Fabregas at Stamford Bridge, will there be a decrease in playing time for the likes of Hazard, Schurrle, Oscar or Willian and the like? If so, it may be worth exploring the market further for a player that is guaranteed regular playing time as a core component of a team’s first 11.


Old boys


Wayne Rooney always finds a way to rack up the points over the course of a season

There are always going to be those that score you points on a regular basis with some ease. The likes of Ivanovic, Toure and Rooney are going to rack up the points so perhaps best to splash out on one of the top guys before you start building around them with an able supporting cast.


New boys


Turf Moor will play host to some of the world’s elite this season

Sometimes there can be some value in the newly promote sides, albeit not every year. Last season Danny Ings netted 26 goals to help Burnley on their way back to the Promised Land of the Premier League (see his best in the video below). If you find yourself low on funds towards the end of your selection crisis, don’t be afraid to pay the new boys some deserved attention (this year that means Burnley, Leicester and QPR).


Set-piece takers


Deep breath, collar up…Hit it.

Fantasy points are still primarily tied to goals and assists, so it makes perfect sense to keep a close eye on which of the players you are debating picking up actually take any set-pieces. Corner takers and in-direct free kick takers tend to rack up assists, and quite obviously penalty-takers and direct free-kick takers tally up the goals points for your squad. If you’re looking for a cheaper option to help clear funds for a world-class player, be sure to check whether or he’s a set-piece taker to give yourself a little more value for your purchase.


Wild card use


The Wild Card can often be a game-changer

Patience is a virtue. Slow starts are possible to recover from without burning the all-important wild card. The rules now state you can have two, on before the new year and one after, so use them wisely. Just think, the more progress you can make organically, the more value your wild card holds when the time does come to use it. We’d suggest if you’re around the 50% mark of the leader’s points, then it may be time to think about a rebuild.


If you’re off to a slow start…


It’s not over until it’s over

Don’t just copy the previous week’s best. Getting a fast start in fantasy is a pretty crucial element, given the format of the game. If you’re chasing points, there’s not much point copying the team ahead of you, accumulating the same number of points as them. Your job now is to delve deeper into the ranks of the lesser known players that can steal you some points back because teams ahead of you haven’t though to change things up just yet.

Whatever your 2014/15 strategy turns out to be, may we be the first to wish you the very best of luck.

Go get ’em!


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Photo 3: WikiCommons Adam Haworth
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