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5 Chrome Extensions To Make New Tabs More Interesting

Even if you never think about it, the new tab screen is one your most most visited and under-appreciated pages on Google Chrome. How many time did you see it today, for instance? Can you even describe what it looks like?

If you answered no, then you’re not making the most of your browser. So, here are five Chrome extensions that will transform your new tabs into something more useful.

1. Earth View


From a game that simulates a loaf of bread to a social network that connects us to space, the internet can take you to some unexpected places. With Earth View, it’ll take you all over the world without you even having to lift a finger. This Chrome extension opens a new satellite image from Google Maps each time you open a new tab – if it looks interesting, just click the globe to explore further.

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2. Momentum


There are many reasons why you’d click the new tab button, but admit it, it’s usually because you’re procrastinating. Momentum is a great way of staying on track, greeting you with a beautiful image, an inspirational quote and a reminder of what you should be focusing on.

Get it.

3. Poshfeed


Often you’re not really looking for anything specific when you open a new tab – you’re just bored. Poshfeed is perfect for making use of the idle hours on the internet, gifting you with amazing content suggestions you may never have stumbled upon.

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4. Figure It Out


This colourful extension is perfect if you spend a lot of time communicating with people overseas. It displays up to ten time zones of your choosing, so you know just what’s going on around the world.

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5. OneFeed


Lastly, if you can’t decide what you want to see when you open a new tab, bring it all together with OneFeed. This extension is the perfect social dashboard, bringing together RSS, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and Twitter so you can check it all at a glance. You’ll never miss a trick!

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