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Life Hacks: 

7 apps to help you conquer your New Year goals


You might have begun 2015 with the very best of intentions, but a week later you’re back at work and the world suddenly looks very different. Enthusiasm is beginning to wane, temptations are creeping in and – if you’re anything like us – making those New Year resolutions is beginning to feel like one giant mistake.

Perhaps it’s time for a different approach. Old-fashioned determinism might be alright for some, but for others it’s better to have a shoulder to lean on – or an app. Whatever your goals for 2015, then, we’ve got just the thing.

1. Quit smoking



The app: KickIt

The price: Free (iOS)

Cigarette addiction is one of the hardest habits to kick, so you might find you’ll need more than a few sticks of gum. A good way to beat smoking is to work out how much money you’ll be saving and plan out exactly how you might use it. Once you’ve decided, you can log your incentives with Kickit, track your progress and then share your results and feel suitably smug.

2. Lose weight

The app: Rise

The price: Subscriptions vary (iOS and Android)

If you’re ready to take weight loss seriously, then look no further than Rise. The app won’t just sit in the background where you can ignore it, it pairs you up with your own personal nutritionist and take a hands-on approach to tackling your health goals. It’s effective, but it’s also expensive (at up to $49.99 a month it’s about the price of a gym membership) – but sign up today and receive a week’s free trial to see if you like it.

3. Control your smartphone addiction

No more cheating! Moment knows how much time you used your phone

The app: Moment

The price: Free (iOS)

Concerned about excessive smartphone usage? Moment will mind the minutes you spend staring at your devices so you cut down on your screen time, freeing you up to do the things you really want to do.

4. Reach Inbox Zero

The app: Mailbox

The price: Free (iOS and Android)

If 2015 is the year you’ve decided to finally conquer your inbox, then Mailbox is just the organisational wizard you need. The app redesigns your email account, asking you to quickly swipe messages into actions like archive, trash or reply. With Mailbox you’ll reach zero emails in no time at all – it’s keeping it that way which is the hard part.

5. Learn a language

The app: DuoLingo

The price: Free (iOS, Android, Windows)

Not all resolutions are about correcting the wrongs of the previous year, and what better way to better yourself than by learning a new language. DuoLingo is simple to use and completely free, with over 20 different languages to learn how to order a cheese sandwich in or ask the way to the nearest bathroom. Once you’ve mastered those essentials, you can move up to a more advanced level too.

6. Save Money

The app: Mint

The price: Free (iOS, AndroidWindows)

The combination of an early December pay day and the annual Christmas splurge means that January can be a difficult month financially. If your New Year’s resolution was to save money, then, you might need a little help. Mint will keep all your accounts and outgoings in check, so when it feels like your earnings are evaporating, you can fire up the app and see where to make a saving.

7. Improve your diet


The app: Fooducate

The price: Free (iOS and Android)

If the full-blown nutritionist offered by Rise seems excessive, then Fooducate is a free alternative for improving your diet. This is by no means a comprehensive weight loss app, but for some guidance on what to eat and what not to eat it could be just the tool you need.

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