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Life Hacks: 

Supercharge Your Super Bowl in 2015


Britain’s A+C Studio will recreate Lego versions of every Super Bowl ad in 36 hours.

The biggest football game of the year kicks off this Sunday at 6.30PM ET, but it’s not just the Super Bowl itself that has got America fired up for the weekend. There’s also the pre-game #DeflateGate drama, the million dollar ads, the halftime show and, If nothing else, the Super Bowl is just a fine excuse to throw a party – where everything is super-sized from the TV to the salsa dip.

So, as the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks prepare for the ultimate sporting showdown, how do you make sure your own Super Bowl Sunday lives up to the occasion?

1) The Snacks

Of all the great American traditions, pigging out on gross amounts of Super Bowl snacks is right up there with our absolute favorites. According to this Mashable infographic, 1.23 billion chicken wings are consumed in the US on game day, which is even more staggering when you consider America has a population of just 320,207,319. That’s more than three wings per person.

So, what have we learned? Snacks are to be taken seriously – very seriously – and what better way to do that than by constructing your very own DIY Super Bowl Snack Stadium. Beginning with layers of guacamole, salsa and queso dips to make the pitch, you can recreate the University of Phoenix Stadium bit by bit – including jerky skewers for goalposts and individual players made out of cheese cubes. For the stands, take some box files and fill them with your favourite snacks, topping them off with slices of pizza for the rafters. Once you’re finished, you’ll almost be too proud to dismantle it. Almost.

2) The Apps

If you’re lucky enough to be inside the stadium itself this Sunday then the NFL is keen that you don’t miss a second of the action – and that includes the ads. By downloading the Super Bowl Stadium app (available on Android and iOS) spectators can get all the benefits of home viewing, including instant replays on-demand, stadium maps and, yes, the commercials. If you like the ads enough to watch them in the stadium, you might also be interested in Super Ads (Android and iOS) – an archive app where you can re-watch the commercials from the past 8 Super Bowls.


Back at home there are a bunch of great apps to help you organise your party, including NFL Homegating (Android and iOS), which will help you prepare recipes, invite guests and bring football fans together all season-long. Oh, and don’t forget the official Seahawks (Android and iOS) and Patriots (Android and iOS) apps too, which will be updated with all the latest news, video, stats and gear.

3) The Predictions

With a wealth of data, statistics and analysis available at our fingertips, you’d think predicting the Super Bowl would be pretty easy, right? Well, that’s not quite the case – unless you’re Teddy Bear the Porcupine that is. This prickly chap has correctly predicted the Super Bowl champions every year since 2012, and this year his money (if he had any) is going on the Seahawks to win for the second-year running. If you’re smart, you’ll take this insider knowledge and follow the porcupine to your fortune.

4) The Halftime Show

This year’s official halftime show will be headlined by Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz, but don’t worry if that’s not to your taste as there are plenty of other options – such as going back for round 2 on your Super Bowl Snack Stadium. This year YouTube will be hosting its own alternative halftime show, featuring comedy sketches, songs and spoof ads from Harley Morenstein (Epic Meal Time), Rhett & Link, Freddie Wong and more. Meanwhile, YouTube will also be hosting all of the official ads over on AdBlitz.

Once you’ve watched those, you’ll want to head over to A+C Studios on February 3rd to see all of the commercials remade in Lego stop-motion. The British animation studio is giving itself just 36 hours to complete the project, with six teams working away on over 15,000 Lego bricks.

5) The Live Feed

Once the Super Bowl is underway you may quickly find yourself torn between the snack table, the beer cooler and the flurry of activity on every social network under the sun. Oh, and the game itself of course. This year Facebook wants to make it easier to follow all the activity with Trending Super Bowl, a central hub where you can see real-time reactions, posts from friends, and all the content from the NFL, teams and players.


6) The Michael Bay Version

If you’ve followed this guide to the letter and you’re still not excited by this year’s Super Bowl, then why not try the Michael Bay-directed super Bowl from 2010?

Lookout for more Michael Bay-directed clips from this year’s Super Bowl at your new favorite subreddit, r/MichaelBayGIFs.

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